The Walking Dead Season 4 DVD

There are a lot of survivors in the walking dead season 4 dvd,and it’s more than season 3,the fourth season is the story about people struggle with the zombies,the producer David Alpert once said that there was a big changing,a grate number of zombies appear in the walking dead season 4.and he showed that this season is main about zombies,however,they always pay attention to people in the third season, zombies would be make some threat and it’s very hard for every one to fighting with them. in the walking dead season 4 episode 2,the new zombies are continuous appear,the survivors security camp fence are nearly broke,the survivors use tips poke the zombies’ eyes,it’s more thrilling than the last season.

In the walking dead season 4 dvd boxset,besides so many zombies,some survivors are infected plague,at first a pig has been baffling dead,then there was some survivors have a fever and violent cough and final has had successively.but unfortunately,these corpses became zombies step by step and bite a lot of survivors who have live. they don’t know the reason, survivors who have live are very thrilling.the character who is center of the drama and would like to have a quite life before this,and because of this,he has to join in the eliminate zombies party.

In addition,some people are the treat for people, in the third season,Rick has saved dozens of survivors in danger,so the survivors became more and more,it leads to water and foods are lack seriously.some people of them get along worse with each other and some became more desperate and reckless.there are too much danger but alway bacome luck finally. there are so many danger and zombies,we all know hero would appear,the bigest treat is “Governor” in the walking dead season 3,and now we still don’t know where he is?